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[20 Jul 2010|01:03pm]


The 6 song EP is now available on Michelle's website!!

1. Ready To Let You Go
2. Sooner or Later
3. I Want Tears
4. Crazy Ride
5. Summertime
6. Everything Comes And Goes

Get it at http://www.michellebranch.com/

Full length album coming soon :)
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[17 Jul 2010|09:04pm]
icons featuring various asian celebrities, katy perry, michelle branch, ayaka, disney: mulan, the little mermaid, aladdin, supernatural, harry potter and the half blood prince, avatar: the last airbender, etc. 240 TOTAL *dies*

( here @ peachglow! )
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[18 Oct 2009|05:40pm]

A couple of things:

Sooner or Later video on Youtube. You can now see ALL her music videos at http://www.youtube.com/michellebranchtv. I am very excited about that!

Are you guys following Michelle on twitter? You should be! She gives insight and lots of pictures and sometimes, she answers questions! She's answered mine before, which made me really happy. If you have a Twitter, you should be following her: http://twitter.com/michellebranch

Lastly, Michelle wrote a blog about the CD's release date and to be honest, the news kinds of sucks (though it wasn't unexpected):

Up until two weeks ago my album was coming out November 10th. That all changed when a handful of people at Warner Brothers got let go during company wide lay offs. One person in particular has been a main part of my team for 10 years. He has been there since day one when I got signed and we had so much planned for this album and the future. This is just a result of the corporate world and the economic times we live in. So on a personal level this really sucks.

On a professional level, the label and I have collectively been trying to figure this out and have decided the best thing for the album is to push it back a bit so we can put my team back together and give the record the proper attention and promotion it deserves. Everyone is so fired up for this record to be out! We can't wait for everyone to see (and hear) all the hard work we have all put into this. It's my opinion that only then will you understand why we have taken so much time making this perfect. I need you guys to hang in there and not lose any faith. The album is coming out as soon as we get this all situated. But I need your support and your understanding.

Well, I've been keeping pretty busy. Yesterday I had a show with Dierks Bentley for his charity Miles and Music for Kids. It's a great cause benefiting the local Children's Hospital and I was so happy to be a part of it. I'm really excited because Dierks has asked me to open up some dates of his in the beginning of November which will be a lot of fun. Right now I'm doing a bunch of radio promo dates and working on getting the band together. Here are a few that are coming up. Keep in mind because they are radio shows, these are acoustic stripped down dates and usually run about 30 minutes. There are often other artists on the bill as well:

Wednesday, October 14th: Dayton, OH http://www.mix1077.c...racure2009.html

Friday, October 16th: Louisville, KY WXMA http://themaxfm.com/...er-2009/5316934

Sunday, October 18th: Wilkes Barre, PA WGGY http://www.froggy101...ges/5251147.php

Tuesday, October 20th: Akron, OH WQMX http://www.wqmx.com/bosombuddies.asp

Friday, October 23rd: Boston, MA WBMX http://www.mix1041.c...es/5385043.php?

Dates with Dierks:

Thursday, November 5th: Poplar Bluff, MO Black River Coliseum

Friday, November 6th: Knoxville, TN Knoxville Civic Coliseum

Saturday, November 7th: Chicago, IL Libertyville

I'll let you know more shows as they get confirmed. Until then...

Thanks for hanging in there! xo, M

I am slightly disappointed, but what can you do? Hopefully the CD comes out as soon as it possibly can.
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Studio 330 Sessions with Michelle Branch [10 Oct 2009|01:25pm]


Studio 330 Sessions with Michelle Branch HERE: www.cmt.com/videos/studio-330-sessions/michelle-branch/442266/sooner-or-later.jhtml

She sang "Sooner Or Later", "Breathe", "Ready to let you go", "Leave the Pieces" and "Crazy Ride".

Also let's VOTE VOTE VOTE for her on CMT TOP 20! www.cmt.com/shows/dyn/top_twenty_countdown/series_wildcard.jhtml

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2 michelle friends only banner [08 Oct 2009|11:12am]

Just started a new LJ, so hope I do this right. 2 michelle friends only banners here
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[03 Oct 2009|11:08am]


Sooner or Later video on YT. Sorry about the big tag, but it's all I could find.
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[02 Oct 2009|09:02pm]

The video for "Sooner or Later" premiered on CMT today!

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[12 Sep 2009|06:41pm]

[01-05] Amanda Seyfried
[06-11] Milla Jovovich
[12-22] Mila Kunis
[23-27] Michelle Branch
[28-36] Paramore, Hayley Williams
[37-46] Alyson Hannigan, Sarah Michelle Gellar
[47-70] Buffy The Vampire Slayer

HERE @ wicked_signs
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[05 Aug 2009|07:20pm]


The Video Anthology Limited Edition DVD
Featuring 8 of Michelle Branch & The Wreckers’ Greatest Music Videos
PLUS the single, “Sooner or Later” from the forthcoming new album
“Everything Comes and Goes”

Only Available to Pre-order Here!
Releases 09.01.2009


All You Wanted
Goodbye To You
Are You Happy Now?
Leave the Pieces (The Wreckers)
My Oh My (The Wreckers)
This Way
Sooner or Later (audio only)

Buy here: http://michellebranch.com/shop/product/video-anthology-limited-edition-dvd-0/

So excited! Though it would be nice to know a release date for the CD.
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[20 Jul 2009|10:56am]

Michelle's new single (finally, right), "Sooner or Later" is on CMT.com right now and it is awesome!

I think you can only hear it is the U.S, sorry :( It's available on iTunes next Tuesday.

What do you guys think? Personally, I love it.

DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT post a link of the song in here to download. You can buy it off iTunes starting next Tuesday, so there's no excuse. But if there is a youtube post of it, I'll allow if, if only for the people overseas who can't hear it.
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[15 Jul 2009|12:08am]

In case you didn't know, there's a new biography at michellebranch.com

But if you look at her site at WBR Nashville, there's actually an extended version of the bio, with loads of new info about the CD:

under the cutCollapse )

And remember: you can hear the single "Sooner or Later" at her site starting Monday and buy it from iTunes on Tuesday!
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[07 Jul 2009|01:41pm]

GREAT NEWS! Michelle just posted this at her message board:

Hey everyone,
Well this morning I finished mixing the last track for the album and next week Everything Comes and Goes will be mastered. I can’t believe I’m finally officially finished. It’s been well worth the wait. (At least I think so.)

So now the news you’ve all been waiting for…

We are going to premiere my first single Sooner or Later here for all of you on July 20th and it will go on sale on itunes on July 21st. I can’t wait for you to hear the record version!

Next week I start my radio promo tour, so start requesting Sooner or Later on your local radio stations!!

As they say in Almost Famous, “It’s all happening.”

Xo, M

That's two weeks from now! I'm excited, to say the least.
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[04 Jul 2009|10:58am]

Hey, guys! Maybe you don't have plans for tonight, or maybe they're later in the night (considering it's Saturday and all). If that's the case, you should go to this link at 8:10 tonight and watch Michelle perform on the White House Lawn for the President and some troops and their families.


It says the concert start at 8:10 but I would start watching at 6:45, just in case. The Foo Fighters may be the ones who start at 8:10.
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[18 Jun 2009|10:05am]

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

2009 CMACollapse )
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Hey guys! [02 Jun 2009|11:17pm]

Yeah, I know...this community has been a bit dead lately, huh? That's kind of sad, I'm not going to lie. But hopefully, that will all change soon?

First off, are you guys following Michelle on Twitter yet? If not, you're missing out. Especially things like this:

Video shoot! That means new single being released soon, right? For the uninitiated, the new single is "Sooner or Later" and it's one she's been doing live for awhile. If you're really curious as to what the song sounds like...I know there are a ton of videos on youtube. I'm trying not to spoil myself (well okay, except for "Crazy Ride"...I'm kind of obsessed with that song), so I won't be posting it here.

Also, her most recent blog post: under the cutCollapse )

Annnnd that's all she wrote.

I just wanted to add a bit of a plug here. I've started a blog dedicated to Michelle. It's called F*ck yeah, Michelle Branch (well, the actual word but I don't want to offend anyone here) where I put up a hodgepodge of pictures and quotes and videos of Michelle. I post a LOT and if you have a tumblr, feel free to follow me. Just click the banner:

Thank you for reading and have a nice day! :)
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[27 Mar 2009|08:01pm]

Hey guys. Michelle is on twitter now!


Follow her!
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[20 Mar 2009|02:26pm]

.1-8 Fashion
.9-22 Ashley Tisdale
.23-26 Kate Nash
.27-31 Michelle Branch
.32-34 Taylor Swift

find the rest here at fuentedesoda
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25 things you may not know about Michelle Branch, courtesy of the woman herself. [03 Mar 2009|06:56pm]

1. I really like cleaning. Dirty things make me uncomfortable. Especially hair on the ground.

2. When I'm out in public and someone sneezes, I hold my breath and quickly walk away toward clean air. I know. I sound like a freak. My dad calls me Howard Hughes.

3. I LOVE birthdays. Yours, mine, a strangers', it really doesn't matter. I often fake my birthday at random restaurants just to get free dessert.

4. Speaking of dessert...I wish I was a pastry chef. The smell and feel of dough makes me want to cry.

5. I am a horrible swimmer. I think it's because my dad always made a big deal about being careful around water. He made me permanently paranoid.

6. My other theory about water: I might have drowned in a past life. I get really scared by water especially at night.

7. Speaking of past lives...I completely believe in them. It's the only thing that makes sense to me. I believe in God, but not like most religions present it.

8. I have a birthmark under my right eye but a lot of people don't know because it's always covered with make-up when I'm working. If you happened to see me without make-up, no I do not have a black eye.

9. I am obsessed with Manifest Destiny and The Oregon Trail. I think I was a pioneer in a past life.

10. I wish I had lived in the 60's-70's just for the music alone. The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. I could go on and on and on.

11. I recently realized I'm a shop-o-holic (after seeing the movie) I have acknowledged my ways and I will try and change. Keyword: try.

12. I love furniture. I love the history of it, the shape...I'm kind of an antique furniture dealer wanna-be.

13. I love getting tattoos. I have to use restraint, otherwise I would be covered.

14. I love classic musicals. My original aspiration was to be on Broadway or to be a Disney character's singing voice.

15. I'm obsessed with Disneyland. Seriously.

16. I had the worst 16th birthday ever. I remember crying myself to sleep. No party, no anything. And you know how important birthdays are for me!

17. I am a cat person. I love dogs but I could never actually own one.

18. I am a vegetarian but when I'm hung over I sneak bacon at breakfast and later deny it happening.

19. I want to move to Italy when I "retire."

20. I HATE dancing but if I drink enough tequila I might try to.

21. I believe in astrology and love reading my horoscope.

22. I have always wanted to see a tornado in real life but now that I live in Tennessee, maybe not so much.

23. I love costumes and costume parties. I already know what I'm gonna be for next Halloween but it will probably change 100 times before then.

24. I hate flying. It's not natural.

25. I love watching movies. I could spend days in bed watching movie after movie and I actually have gone to theaters by myself. What a loser!!

I relate to about half of these, especially #24 and @25. I gotta love the birthdays one, though. Haha, it's nice to know she still does that!
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[25 Feb 2009|12:16pm]

For those of who don't check up on the boards, here are some new updates!

  • Michelle recorded a song for Chris Isaak's new album. The album is called Mr. Lucky, the song is "I Lose My Heart." A short clip of the song is available to listen here: http://www.michellebranch.com/ (it's right on the homepage). The album came out yesterday and you can purchase it for $9.99 from Amazon here: http://www.amazon.com/Mr-Lucky-Chris-Isaak/dp/B001QOOCUS/

  • The whole version of the video for "This Way" directed by Raphael Mazzucco can be seen here: http://www.miconworldwide.com/michellemovie.htm

  • Since "This Way" was supposed to be the content posted for this Monday and it was found early, Michelle posted a video of her and Owen singing "The Bees" by Lee Ann Womack for us here: http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&videoid=52928576 Warning: you might die of cuteness overload!

  • I would post links to Michelle's individual posts here but I feel like there are enough links here already so if you want to read more they're here: http://board.michellebranch.com/index.php?showforum=2

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    MICHELLE MUSIC MONDAYS :D [09 Feb 2009|07:30pm]

    I love calling it that, lol.

    Anywho, here's the new myspace blog!

    Monday, February 09, 2009 

    Download Michelle's New Song For Free!

    Join Michelle's email list to get exclusive access to her new song "This Way" and download it for free!  Click here to join or login to MichelleBranch.com to get started.

    For more Michelle news updates, blogs, media and more visit www.michellebranch.com.

    Also this is from her website:

    I just landed in Arizona and I'm checking in from my iPhone while trying to rent a car. I wanted to let you know what we have in store for this Monday. Basically if you sign up for my mailing list by registering on the website you get the full track of "This Way" free. Very cool. I hope you all enjoy it. Think of it as a valentine from me to you. Oh, and if you already are a member - You get it too!

    See ya next Monday :)


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